Waves Day 3: The Crab Apples, Laura, Soft Loft, Anna Mabo, Night Tapes

Rock band on stage, bassist in the background, singer jumping in the air with her air whirling around and the guitarist with her back to the crowd

Singer on stage, she is holding the microphone up, orange lighting, low ceiling, the keyboard player is standing in the background

Rock band on stage, singer with guitar in the middle, second guitarist on the right focused on playing and the bassist is jamming along, drummer in the background is also singing in a mic; crowd is visible in the front

Band on stage, singer is wearing white overalls and playing guitar, drummer in the background and a contra bass player on the right

Shot from balcony down to the stage, singer has her arms spread, lots of gear laying around, guitarist and bassist have their back turned to the crowd

Florian Eckerstorfer @florian